How to use your tagging gun:  

Click the below link for an instructional video:

Take the safety cap off the tagging gun, place the needle through the hole on top of the tag, then place the needle and tag into the seam of the clothing item and pull the trigger firmly.  Continue to hold the trigger down while you check to make sure the plastic attachment went all the way through the clothing item.  Then release the trigger.


Information on how to obtain a tag gun or barbs is at the very bottom of this page.

You must sign-up to be consignor and have a consignor number to consign with us and to begin your tagging process.  All items MUST have a tag with a barcode.  We use a barcode program that prints a barcode on your tag for you.    Here is an example of what the tag looks like:


Entering tag information into the system:

If you want us to reduce your price at our half-price sale, you must mark reduce/discount when entering your items into the system and vice versa. We sell it at what the tag reads and scans. If there is a discrepancy between what is on the tag and what is in the system (caused by the consignor going into the system and changing the information but not reprinting the tag), we sell the item to the customer at the lowest price.

Tags must be re-printed if you change anything in the computer regarding your item. Any change to the data changes the actual barcode.

We do not pay attention to the "donate" in the system/on the tags. We know that you want to donate by what you write when you sign-in at the time you drop your items off at the sale.

Pricing of items:

Price your items at 1/3rd to 1/4th of what you paid new for the item, think about what you would want to pay for the item.

We only accept pricing in increments of $0.50. The system will not allow you to enter anything different. For example: price a book at $0.50 instead of $0.25 this makes it much speedier & simpler at checkout.

Boutique clothes that are in excellent condition can be priced higher than 30%.

Paper for tags:

Use 8-1/2" X 11" white card stock to print your labels.  6 tags print out per sheet.  Card stock can be picked up at Wal-Mart or an office supply store. Target didn't have it the last time I checked in 2011.

Laser-jet printers work best. Please make sure your printer settings are set on high quality, and make sure the printer heads are aligned, according to your printer instructions.

For your items that will qualify for the half-price sale, you may use pastel card stock, but it is not necessary. DO NOT USE DARK OR TEXTURED PAPER. Our scanners cannot read the barcodes if your paper is too dark or marbled/textured. Important Note: If you use pastel card stock, we will honor the half price offer during the half-price sale, according to the full price listed, even if it doesn't come up as half-price when we ring it up. We will keep these tags in case there is a question as to discrepancy later.  You have the option to print all your tags only on white paper. On the right side of all tags will be printed Discount: yes or Discount: no (depending on if you want that item to go half price or not). If you chose to half price your items you may want to highlight the words Discount: Yes to make your tag stand out.  

Tagging clothing:

All tags must be attached to clothing with the plastic barb using a tagging gun.  Information on how to obtain a tagging gun and barbs is at the very bottom of this page.  We will not accept clothes if the tags are attached with safety pins.

To be careful of where the holes are when tagging the clothes, here are some places that the barb can be placed on the clothing.
1) In the left armpit.
2) On the tag of the clothes
3) The bottom layer of snaps or buttons on the front of left shoulder

Make sure the tag is in the middle or on the left side of the clothing (your right if you are facing it).

Matching clothing items: (twin clothing)

Matching items may be sold as a set or can be separated.

To sell matching items as a set, rubberband or tape the hangers together. Also, either write on the tag that it is a 2-outfit set or make this clear in the description when entering the tag.

If you want them to be sold as separate pieces on Saturday, tag each item individually. 

Hanging clothes on the hanger:

The opening on the hanger needs to be facing the left when you hang your item on the hanger. The front of the clothing item when facing you, the hanger should look like the hook on the question mark (“?”). When looking at the FRONT of the clothing item, place the tag on the left side of the garment (your right when facing the garment.) DO NOT USE SAFETY PINS TO ATTACH YOUR TAGS.  

When safety pinning pants to the hanger, please pin them to the top of the hanger (on the upside down V) so that they do not slide around on the hanger.

Seasonal Items: Our March sale is for spring and summer clothes. Our September sale is for fall and winter clothes. Halloween and Holiday outfits will be accepted in the fall. Swimsuits and beach attire will be accepted in the spring. We will take school uniforms and infant sleepers at both sales. 

Sizes that we sell:

Boys & Girls Clothing: Up to kids size 16
Shoes: Up to big kids size 6


At the spring sale, we sell clothes for the spring and summer.
We do accept light-weight long sleeve shirts and light-weight jeans and pants and sweater vests.
We do not accept items that are obviously for winter such as heavy coats or heavy corduroy pants.

At the fall sale, we sell clothes for the fall and winter.
T-shirts are still accepted and long, heavier material shorts are accepted.
No swim trunks. Most shorts are not acceptable.


For toys, tape the tag to the flattest surface possible.  Clear packing tape works better than scotch tape.

Small toys with little pieces and puzzles should be placed in a Ziploc bag. Tape the tag to the outside of the Ziploc bag. The scanners read through the packing tape but not through the Ziploc bags.  You may tape the bag closed to help deter theft. Please do not use staples to seal your Ziplocs.  

Battery-operated toys must have working batteries so that the buyer can determine if the item works.  You can purchase cheap batteries at the dollar store. 
Stuffed Animals:

We will no longer accept stuffed animals unless they are learning toys.  


Shoes must be in a sealed Ziploc bag that is taped shut. Do not place shoes in shoe boxes because buyers cannot see the condition. Placing shoes in sealed Ziploc bags reduces the risk of theft and separation.  

Condition of clothing:

All clothing items need to be clean, have no stains, and be on hangers. We reserve the right to refuse any item based on condition, style or seasonal nature. We will not accept items that are stained, torn, or missing pieces (buttons, etc). Items must be free from animal hair. We reserve the right to refuse any item we feel is unacceptable.

If you consistently bring in items that are stained or damaged you will not be allowed to sell in future sales. We will not take items that smell of smoke!  

Beginning in August 2011, we started an “as is” rack for the items that we rejected. This way the buyer is notified that there is a problem with the item.  We also put an ‘X’ on the tag with a marker.  If you picked up items with an ‘X’, please notice that there are stains or other issues with the garment that should be fixed before you try to sell the item at a future sale.  Some stains show up in the light of the facility that aren’t as apparent in our homes. 

Beginning in August 2012, we may begin to place stickers on the back of the tag that lets the consignor know why the item was rejected.  


Onesies can be placed in Ziploc bags or hung on hangers.  Nicer outerwear onesies can be hung while lounging onesies can be placed in bags.  Use your own judgment.  If placed in Ziploc bags, please read the below section.

Socks, Shoes, Crib Sheets, Lap Pads, Etc (Ziploc Bags):

Theses items are to be placed inside Ziploc bags. Put the number of items that are in the bag. (i.e., 6 pairs socks, size 12 month) on the tag. Tape the tag to the outside of the Ziploc bag. You may tape the bag closed to help deter theft. Do not use staples to seal your Ziplocs.

All shoes MUST be in Ziploc bags. (See note above about shoes.)


Pajama's should be placed on hangers instead of in a Ziploc bag. We have found that they sell better on a hanger than in Ziploc's.

Restricted/Acceptable Items:

We will NOT accept pacifiers and used/open bottle nipples (please dispose of nipples before you sell your bottles)

We will NOT accept household items that would not go into a nursery or child’s room except kids dishes, trays, cups, etc ARE accepted.

If you have a question on an item please email We cannot take car seats that have a manufacturing date that is more than 6 years old. Car seats have expiration dates or date of manufacturing on the underside of seat.  Please check that the seat has not expired before selling in the sale. 

We strive hard to ensure that the items we have in our sale meet safety standards and are not hazardous to our children. For more information about car seat expiration dates, please visit this web site.


We will not be accepting drop-down cribs anymore. No exceptions. These designs have been recalled. Most cribs manufactured before 2010 have been recalled due to much higher standards introduced in 2011. It is the consignors responsibility to be sure that the crib meets the current standards.

Lost tags:

Everything for Kids Sale will not be responsible for lost tags. Please check to make sure they are secure. We do keep a box for lost tags during the sale and will make every effort to match them to their item. This is why descriptive tagging is helpful.  

Drop off of clothes and other items:

Items must be sorted by gender, size and if matching when dropped off - the consignor will need to organize them before drop off – shift workers will not do this for you. If someone else is dropping off your items please inform them of this! Each item will be inspected at drop off. If the seller cannot wait while their items are being inspected, they can pick up their rejected items at pickup after the sale.

Once items have been inspected, shift volunteers will put the items out. At drop off, each seller will sign a disclaimer and a statement stating they have read and understand the sale policies. The seller will also let us know if they will be picking up their unsold items or if they are to be donated. *NOTE: By signing the disclaimer, you are agreeing not to hold the Memphis Mothers of Multiples Club (MOMC) liable for any lost, stolen or damaged items, or any damage done by the acts of God while your items are in our possession for selling purposes. FYI - you also must agree to this before obtaining your consignor number.

Please note: you MUST sign in when you drop off your items. This alerts us that you have brought your items to the sale. If you do not sign-in when you drop-off your items, your name will not be on the list for pre-shop and your items may not be pulled into the POS system for purchase.  

Pick up of unsold items with an 'X' on the tag:

If there was an “x” on the tag of any of your unsold items, this item was considered stained or imperfect and was placed on the “As Is” rack.  Many stains show up in the light of the facility that don’t appear in the light of our homes. We wanted you to know that there was an issue with this garment, so you could potentially correct it before sending it back to future sales.  We want to only sale top quality used items at the Everything for Kids Sale. Placing the items on the “As Is” rack notifies the purchaser that there are issues with the item.  Many items still sold from the “As Is” rack.

If you have any questions, please contact us at  This email is monitored from about a week before we open up the sale for consignor registration through the sale date. 



Tagging Gun Information and Pick-up Locations:

Tagging Guns are available for purchase for $12 at the following locations.   Extra plastic barbs can be picked up at any time at no charge. Please call or email to make an appointment to pick up a tag gun or barbs. Make checks out to MOMC.

We always have tagging guns and barbs on hand during setup and the sale. We are usually there Wednesday from 7-8:30 pm, and Thursday 11am-8:30 pm, and Friday 10am-noon. You can view the volunteer shifts to verify what hours we will be there.

Harbor Town        Jessica Campbell
Cordova               Leigh Anne Horton        901-337-9436      
Olive Branch        Merissa Davis               901-340-1625
Cordova               Calandra Cleveland      901-240-0875
Lakeland              Laura Drewry                 901-201-0982
Bartlett                  Claire Hunt                     901-281-4646
East Memphis     Claire Hunt                     901-281-4646

Consignors who live out of town may have a tagging gun mailed to them. Please email us at to have one mailed to you. Tagging guns are $12 plus $6 in shipping cost for a total of $18. 
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